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Lutron Opens Experience Center in New York City

Lutron Opens Experience Center in New York City

COOPERSBURG, Pa. — Lutron Electronics has reimagined its Residential Experience and Training Center in the Decoration and Design Building in New York City. Nearly three times the size of Lutron’s former New York City space, the new Center will be the design destination for the tri-state area specification community and their clients. For specifiers traditionally focused on commercial projects, the new center presents an opportunity to better understand the ways Lutron meets the needs of both residential and commercial applications, enhancing value for all clients.

“Lutron is making significant investments in business tools and product innovations to ensure the continued success of our customers,” said Ed Blair, Executive Vice-President at Lutron. “Lutron’s experience centers offer space for design collaboration, and help specifiers provide their clients with a rich, fulfilling experience and authentic understanding of a day in the life with a Lutron lighting control system. This new space highlights a personal relationship with smart lighting control, giving you additional ways to tell the story and delight your clients in the process.”

The new Experience Center features a broad range of Lutron products showcased within room vignettes. Products include everything from Lutron’s Caséta Wireless to HomeWorks QS systems and a full range of Lutron shading solutions including the luxurious new Palladiom shades. It also showcases Lutron’s vast offering of shading fabrics and keypad finish samples.

The Center also features a variety of Lutron’s Ivalo and Ketra high-performance LED fixtures, which, according to Blair, play beautifully with today’s emerging lighting trends toward wellness, comfort, and human-centric lighting. “Smart LED fixtures, saturated light, and integrated control expand your design choices, and offer your clients the opportunity to truly personalize the atmosphere of their homes,” he said. “Here, specifiers and their clients can witness the powerful performance of LED fixtures, drivers, and control solutions from our Ivalo Collection – and as a result of our recent acquisition – from Ketra.” Blair said Lutron wants to help facilitate the conversation between the specifier and client to ensure fixtures are being considered earlier in the design process and from a controls-compatibility standpoint.

Lutron opened its first Experience Center in Plantation, Fla. in 2001. The company has since added facilities in Coopersburg, Pa., Irvine, Calif., New York City, Washington, D.C., Toronto, and London.

Located at 979 Third Avenue, Suite 319, in New York City, the new Lutron Experience Center is open Monday-Friday, 9am-5pm with private tours available. Appointments are preferred, but walk-ins are always welcome. To schedule a visit, please call your local Lutron representative or call (212) 752-1214.

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