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Lutron Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

Lutron Hosts Roundtable to Discuss Benefits of Human Centric Lighting

CHICAGO — The concept of “human-centric lighting” is about creating more comfortable and productive work environments for people, and may also make for healthier bottom lines, according to an invitation-only roundtable of experts at the “Human Centric Lighting Roundtable” organized by Lutron Electronics.

The panelists addressed a variety of concepts that focus on the most valuable asset of a building environment – the occupants. Human-centric lighting enables developers to better market their building amenities and tenant companies to attract and retain talented employees.

Indeed, human-centric lighting can be instrumental in creating well-being and happiness, potentially leading to increased productivity.

Lutron is a strong believer in the positive effects of human-centric lighting. The roundtable was a step in advancing the building and design industry’s understanding of research, technology, and design processes related to human-centric lighting by having industry leaders share their perspectives on the subject.

The panelists were lighting designer Randy Burkett of St. Louis-based Randy Burkett Lighting Design; architect Gary Bouthillette of Los Angeles’ IA Interior Architects; architecture professor Vivian Loftness of Carnegie Mellon University; Arturo Banuelos, vice president with the property management firm JLL; and building science specialist Brent Protzman of Lutron.

The panel was moderated by Reed Kroloff, founding principal at Jones/Kroloff and a former Tulane University architecture dean and Architecture magazine editor-in-chief.

Scott Hanna, senior vice president at Lutron, believes this conversation is a great first step for Lutron to promote the understanding of human-centric lighting.

“Awareness of human centric lighting, in all its variations, is essential to the future of construction and design,” he said. “Lutron is proud to be a leader in providing a discussion forum for these ideas.”

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