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Lunera Lighting’s Susan Lamp Receives PIA Award

Santa Clara, Calif. Lunera® Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, announced that the Susan Lamp, a plug-and-play LED replacement lamp for traditional metal halides, was selected as an Interior Lighting category winner by Architectural Products Magazine Product Innovation Awards (PIAs).

The awards determine and honor innovation in the development and refinement of buildings. Judged by a group of 50 independent industry professionals, the program represents, a mechanism to impartially review products and present to readers items their peers found innovative and worth investigating.

“Building on the success of last year’s program, our fourth edition of the awards proves commercial building manufacturers are committed to, and are working arduously toward, delivering more sustainable products, as well as products that deliver better performance, life and affordability,” said Jim Crockett, Editorial Director for Architectural Products Magazine.

“We are pleased the Susan Lamp was recognized as an innovative interior lighting product. Simple to deploy, reliable to operate, and valuable to own; the Susan Lamp employs Lunera’s BallastLED technology, which enables building owners and operators to capture the long-term value LED technology can deliver without the hassle and expense of having to convert the existing lighting fixture infrastructure,” Tom Quinn, Lunera Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

The Susan Lamp renders traditional 400, 250 and 175-watt metal halide lamps obsolete. Facility managers can now simply plug-and-play the Susan Lamp Pro or the Susan Lamp Junior for instant on, high-quality energy-efficient LED lighting. Throughout its long 50,000-hour life the Susan Lamp delivers consistent light levels at a fraction of the power used by a traditional metal halide lamp. The Susan Lamp eliminates the frustrations of long warm-up and restrike times; rapid lumen depreciation; short life span and excessive power consumption of the pulse or probe start metal halide lamps it replaces.

About Lunera
Lunera Lighting is an innovative technology leader in LED light products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own. Lunera designs, assembles, and markets high performance commercial LED fixtures and lamps that obsolete traditional lighting technologies. Visit Lunera on the web, Facebook or Twitter.

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