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Lunera Lighting Receives PIA Award for the Susan Lamp

SANTA CLARA, Calif. — Lunera Lighting, Inc., a leader in lighting innovations accelerating the transformation to advanced LED technology, is pleased to announce the Susan Lamp is an Interior Lighting category winner in the fifth annual Product Innovation Awards (PIA) held by Architectural SSL magazine. The Susan Lamp is designed with innovative electronics that enable it to operate directly off of existing metal halide ballasts, making an upgrade to LED lighting simple.

“With the ability to retrofit high wattage metal halide lamps without bypassing the ballast, this innovation from Lunera makes a retrofit easier and more affordable,” commented a PIA judge.

By bringing energy-efficient LED technology to high-bay applications in the form of an LED lamp, the Susan Lamp makes 400, 250 and 175-watt metal halide lamps obsolete. Designed to deliver equivalent mean light levels at a fraction of the power used by a metal halide lamp, the Susan Lamp eliminates excessive power consumption as well as the frustration of rapid lumen depreciation inherent with metal halide lamps. 

“We appreciate this award; it validates our commitment to pioneering plug-and-play LED technology. With the Susan Lamp, our customers receive a simple, reliable, and valuable solution for their High Bay lighting applications. The elegant design of the Susan Lamp makes upgrading to LED lighting as easy as changing a light bulb,” said Tom Quinn, Lunera Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Lunera’s proprietary BallastLED technology leverages existing fixtures and ballasts with no conversion expense. Simply screw the lamp into an existing metal halide fixture and immediately enjoy beautiful, instant-on lighting that works well with controls like occupancy sensing. 

Designed for long duty cycles, the Susan Lamp reduces lighting energy consumption by over 60 percent. As a true plug-and-play solution for either E39 or EX39 sockets; the Susan Lamp eliminates four metal halide replacement cycles throughout its long 50,000-hour lifespan for ongoing maintenance savings.
“When it comes to LED retrofits, Lunera is committed to providing our customers with products that are simple to install, reliable to operate, and valuable to own,” Quinn added.

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