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LSI Provides LED Lighting for Cincinnati Chevrolet Solar Charging Station


TROY, Mich. /PRNewswire/ – Empower Energies announced the completion and commissioning of a new Solar Electric-Vehicle (EV) Charging Station at McCluskey Chevrolet at the King’s Automall in Cincinnati, Ohio. The eight-space installation has the capacity to charge about 3000 electric vehicles per year – from completely empty to full – directly from the sun.


“We love the visibility,” said Keith McCluskey , Chief Executive Officer at McCluskey Chevrolet. “The Empower Energies solar charging station presents clear evidence that Chevrolet and our dealership are committed to renewable energy and the electrification of automotive transportation. This is a constant reminder to our customers and our sales personnel, and also to the 140,000 cars that drive by on Interstate 71 every day.”


McCluskey Chevrolet chose to incorporate the new solar EV charging station as part of Chevrolet’s Facility Image Program, a dealership-wide upgrade which is scheduled for completion in late-Summer 2013.



“The installation went very smoothly,” McCluskey continued. “We worked closely with Empower Energies on the EV charging station, and with LSI Industries on the LED lighting, for a dealership-wide approach to renewable energy and energy efficiency, and we had great support throughout from our Chevrolet Regional Manager Maurice Williams .”



Cincinnati-based LSI Industries, Inc., provided innovative graphics and energy-efficient LED lighting for the solar EV charging station. The graphics ensure that visitors to the dealership will understand that they are allowed to plug into the charging canopy to “fill up” their Chevy Volt or other electric vehicle for free. The LED lighting ties into LSI’s overall site lighting and wireless control system, allowing scheduling and customizable programming.



Empower Energies has installed similar solar charging stations for numerous Chevrolet dealerships from Grand Blanc, MI, to Bartlett, TN, to Burlingame, CA.  Empower Energies solar EV charging stations have also been commissioned at General Motors corporate locations and other commercial facilities across the country, with more being commissioned every month.


“General Motors and Chevrolet have made a significant commitment to renewable energy,” Jornlin concluded. “We’ve been pleased to work hand-in-hand with them, and cutting-edge dealers such as McCluskey Chevrolet, to help deliver on that commitment by installing solar EV charging stations.”

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