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LSI Industries Supplies LED Tennis Court Lighting System for Residence

Cincinnati, OH — ¬≠Historically, lighting for outdoor tennis courts required metal halide systems because of the high light levels required for effective play. One homeowner constructing a tennis court at their residence in Alton, IL was looking for a more innovative option and chose an LED lighting system manufactured by LSI Industries.


Versus traditional 1000w metal halide fixtures, the LSI solid-state LED fixtures reduced the total connected electrical load more than 50%. The eight pole lighting system provides vivid illumination with uniform lighting levels across the playing surface. The forward throw reflector system of the LED fixtures provides sharp cutoff behind the fixtures, eliminating spill light to the area surrounding the court.

The LED lighting system will provide years of maintenance-free operation with little lumen depreciation over the life of the system. An added bonus is that the LED fixtures operate at full brightness immediately when they are turned on, as opposed to the gradual warm-up time required for metal halide fixtures. In the end, the homeowner and the installing contractor (McConnell Sports, St. Louis, MO) agreed that the LED lighting system was a winner.

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