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LpS and TiL 2020 Canceled

LpS and TiL 2020 Canceled

DORNBIRN, Austria – In light of the recent postponement of Light + Building to September 2020 and due to the spread of the coronavirus, the organizer of LpS 2020 (LED professional Symposium +Expo) and TiL 2020 (Trends in Lighting – Forum & Show), Luger Research e.U. has had to make the decision to cancel the LpS/TiL 2020 events.

Due to the further rapid expansion of the coronavirus and the fact that no vaccine is yet available, medical experts advise there is a risk that in September 2020 the epidemic may still be present in Europe. The Zhaga Summit in Bregenz, planned in conjunction with the LpS/TiL 2020 on September 23rd, will also be canceled.

The LpS/TiL 2021 will take place in Bregenz on September 28-30, 2021.

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