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Lithonia Lighting Wins 2023 LEDs Magazine BrightStar Award

ATLANTA Lithonia Lighting announced today that it was awarded the LEDs Magazine 2023 BrightStar Award for Product Innovation for their D-Series LED Area Luminaires. The fully redesigned D-Series features a flawless aesthetic that blends seamlessly into any environment while providing an unmatched combination of features, options, and photometric performance to take area lighting design to the next level.

The D-Series family of LED area luminaires offers fifteen optical distributions, including unparalleled Backlight Control optics. These breakthrough optics effectively reduce lumens behind the pole to just 0.5% of the total while providing outstanding forward and lateral projection. This provides added design flexibility when placing luminaires close to property lines and ensures compliance with stringent light trespass criteria set by local legislation and codes. With the extensive range of D-Series optical distributions available, users have the flexibility to design lighting systems that reduce cost and maximize efficiency while addressing the growing concerns of light trespass in application.

Visit our site to learn more about the features and benefits of the D-Series LED Area Luminaires.

The BrightStar Awards recognize ingenuity in commercial components, materials, tools, controls, and finished products for LED-based applications. Categories include indoor/outdoor illumination, horticultural lighting, connected lighting, circadian and disinfection lighting, and specialty applications.


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