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“Lights on the Spectrum” To Benefit Autism Society

“Lights on the Spectrum” To Benefit Autism Society

The Autism Society of America has partnered with lighting designers to present “Lights on the Spectrum“, an auction to benefit the Autism Society’s Neurodiverse Hiring Programs.

“Lights on the Spectrum” is an online auction of some of the world’s most beautiful lighting fixtures, items, and experiences that will “Light You Up.” Just as each light and experience is different and celebrated, so it is with people. Each one is different and worth celebrating.

100% of the monies raised from the “Lights on the Spectrum” auction and donations go to the Autism Society of America a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit.

The Auction starts Wednesday, April 19th at 9 am and ends Friday, April 28th at 6 pm. Bid and win an auction item or make a donation to the Autism Society and receive a set of lapel pins to show your support.

Where it all began…

In 2021 a grassroots initiative was kindled in the lighting industry. Folks came together to form a fundraising initiative called Lights on the Spectrum. It is a simple yet powerful idea…to inspire colleagues in the lighting industry (those of them with careers that involve the Spectrum of Light) to help people who are on the Autism Spectrum.

The specific intention is to make a positive and noticeable improvement for Neurodiverse people in the area of their employment. Unemployment rates for people on the Autism Spectrum are in the range of 80%.

“Lights on the Spectrum” brings together lighting industry professionals and the Autism Society of America to improve the lives of people on the spectrum.

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