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Lighting Professionals Expect to Install More LEDs than Fluorescent Fixtures in 2014

YORBA LINDA, CALIF. – For the first time, lighting professionals expect to install more LED than fluorescent fixtures over the coming year, according to the 4th annual lighting survey released by energy-efficient lighting manufacturer Precision-Paragon [P2].

When asked what is the dominant lighting technology they expect to install in 2014, 49 percent of respondents selected LED, and 46 percent indicated fluorescent. In last year’s survey, 26 percent of respondents selected LED, and 68 percent indicated fluorescent, as the dominant lighting technology they expected to install in 2013. 

Conducted annually since 2010, this year’s survey was distributed in December to over 5,000 energy-efficient lighting industry professionals. The survey’s topics covered the industry’s performance in the past year, as well as expectations for 2014.

 “Our industry has seen steady growth in LED lighting performance and sales in recent years,” said Joe Martin, [P2] vice president and general manager. “Picking the right technology is an important part of any lighting retrofit, and LED technology has advanced to the point that it can compete with fluorescent lighting in many applications.”

Survey respondents indicated that in 2013, LEDs accounted for 37 percent of the fixtures they installed. That’s up from 27 percent in 2012, and 13 percent in 2011.

Overall, the survey respondents reported a positive outlook for the energy-efficient lighting industry. Sixty-four percent indicated that they had experienced either modest or substantial growth in 2013, and 82 percent expect the overall energy-efficient lighting industry to experience growth in 2014.

“Our respondents have reported growth every year since we started conducting our annual lighting survey,” said Martin. “Our customers are out there saving businesses money, and improving their lighting. It’s no surprise that they’re experiencing continued growth.”

More complete survey results are available on the Precision-Paragon [P2] energy-efficient lighting blog.

About Precision-Paragon [P2]: For over 20 years, [P2] has made high-quality, indoor-and-outdoor light fixtures for a wide range of applications in retail, commercial and industrial spaces. [P2]’s energy-efficient lighting drastically cuts energy consumption, creating big cost savings and significant environmental benefits. [P2] products are manufactured in Hudson, Wis. and at the company’s headquarters in Yorba Linda, Calif.

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