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Lightfair Adapts NYC Health Protocols

Lightfair Adapts NYC Health Protocols

Consistent with New York state’s implementation of current CDC guidelines, Lightfair has implemented the following health protocols for its October in-person event:

The following are required at this time of all attendees to ensure everyone’s safety at LightFair 2021. Updated as of July 26, 2021; please check back for updates based on evolving CDC and New York state’s guidelines.


  • Fully vaccinated individuals must show proof of vaccination at access points to the Javits Center.
  • Unvaccinated individuals or individuals with unknown vaccination status must present proof of a recent negative diagnostic COVID-19 test result at access points to the Javits Center. PCR test within 72 hours or antigen test within 6 hours of arrival to event.
  • Test results must be current within the time frame of attendance. If you are onsite for longer than 3 days, you will be required to retest and present updated test results.
  • New York City testing options can be found at
  • LightFair will require individuals to wear a mask within the venue. Masks must be placed over your nose and mouth and secured under your chin.


Appointment setting via LightFair’s mobile app allowing for more focused, purposeful meetings, and the use of electronic lead retrieval/ digital information sharing will be encouraged.

  • Investigating staggered entry times to avoid congestion.
  • Limited in-booth traffic based on May 2021 regulations.
  • Separate Entry and Exits will be in place to help us maintain directional flow and density.
  • Physical distance floor marking will be in place for any areas where waiting is likely.
  • Our admission control staff will keep track of the number of people entering conference or meeting space to ensure maximum capacity is not exceeded.
  • Occupancy of public spaces and food service areas will be managed by the Javits Center’s staff and their concessionaires.
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