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Leviton wins ITC ruling on GFCIs

A recent Leviton news release noted that the company won a
“general exclusion order” from the U.S. International Trade Commission (ITC)
“prohibiting the unlicensed importation of infringing ground fault circuit
interrupters and products containing same.” 

Blonder, general counsel for Leviton, said, “We are hopeful that this
decision brings an end to importation of infringing GFCIs. Due to the nature of
the product, it is important that both commercial and residential consumers be
confident that the GFCIs available in the market are legitimate, lawful

there is a bit more than included in the release. A posting to the Federal
the ITC-named players enjoined from further infringements on Leviton’s patent:

  • Menard, Inc.,
    of Eau Claire,  Wisconsin;
  • Garvin
    Industries, Inc., of Franklin Park, Illinois; 
  • Aubuchon Co.,
    Inc., of Westminster, Massachusetts;
  • Westside
    Wholesale  Electric & Lighting, Inc., of Los Angeles, California;
  • New Aspen 
    Devices Corporation, of Brooklyn, New York;
  • American Ace
    Supply Inc.,  of San Francisco, California;
  • Contractor
    Lighting & Supply, Inc., of  Columbus, Ohio;
  • Littman Bros.
    Energy Supplies, Inc., of Schaumburg,  Illinois;
  • Safety Plus,
    Inc., of McFarland, Wisconsin;
  • Norcross
    Electric  Supply Co. of Suwanee, Georgia;
  • Royal Pacific
    Ltd. of Albuquerque, New  Mexico; and
  • Zhejiang
    Easting House Electric Co. of Zhejiang, China
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