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Leviton Establishes First Base of Operations in South Africa

Melville, New York — ­ Leviton today announced the establishment of its first base of operations in Johannesburg, South Africa. The new South African facility, which will operate as Leviton Africa (Pty) Ltd., will provide commercial lighting solutions to customers in one of the world’s most rapidly expanding markets. With the opening, Leviton also furthers its global expansion efforts to now include a footprint on all seven continents.

By instituting a presence in Johannesburg, a variety of end-use markets will now have access to Leviton’s smart, efficient and innovative products. The expansion also further establishes Leviton as an international leader in electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions and lighting and energy management systems.

“Over the past decade, Leviton has systematically and strategically grown our global presence to connect with the world’s most robust economies, insomuch that we now reach every continent around the globe,” said Bruno Filio, Vice President of International Business Development for Leviton. “The Johannesburg facility has been a vital component of our global expansion efforts as it establishes the foundation for Leviton in South Africa and sets the stage for possible expansion to neighboring countries.”

The Johannesburg facility will operate as a wholly owned subsidiary of Leviton, while selling commercial lighting and networking products through specialized distributors. Michael Traynor, a seasoned executive with extensive experience in the regional market, will serve as the site lead.

“Michael’s strategic leadership and veteran experience in South Africa makes him an integral part to starting this newly established facility from the ground up,” said Ramzi Nassif, Managing Director for Leviton Middle East and Africa. “By bringing in the top talents from a region, like Michael, Leviton is furthering its worldwide reputation for providing innovative and technologically advanced solutions designed to meet the challenges presented by today’s increasingly global economy.”

The establishment of the Johannesburg facility continues Leviton’s commitment to strategic growth and innovation on a global scale. With a presence on each continent, Leviton has evolved into a global provider of electrical wiring devices, data connectivity solutions and lighting and energy management systems for a variety of end-use markets.

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