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Leviton Embraces European Commission’s Anti-Dumping Trade Remedy

Leviton Embraces European Commission’s Anti-Dumping Trade Remedy

GLENROTHES, UK – As a manufacturer of optical fiber cabling and network infrastructure, Leviton Network Solutions embraces the recent move by the European Commission to protect the EU’s fiber optic cabling industries from further injury by Chinese exporters. As the European Commission stated, “Optical fibres are crucial for the EU’s transition to advanced broadband telecommunication, and the European optical fibre industry…”

The European Commission found that Chinese exporters of optical fiber cables “deliberately decreased their prices to impede the remedial effects of measures originally imposed on imports from China in November 2021.” As a result, new anti-dumping duties will be imposed on optical fiber cables originating from China, ranging from 39.4% to 88%, doubling the original duties imposed. According to the European Commission, the “tightening of measures aims to ensure that the EU industry is not weakened by unfair trading practices of competitors and that it can continue to compete on an equal footing.”

“These new tightened duties are another important step towards maintaining fair trade and protecting employees across our industry,” said Ian Wilke, Managing Director, Leviton Network Solutions Europe. He went on to say, “All of Leviton’s bulk optical fibre cable sold in Europe is manufactured at Leviton’s facility in Glenrothes, Scotland, and uses European fibre optic glass. We believe it is critical to both our industry and our customers to have not only fair trade, while also ensuring high-quality, cost effective and environmentally responsible sourcing and production of optical fibre cabling.”

Leviton manufactures Euroclass rated optical fiber cable from its carbon-neutral factory in Glenrothes, Scotland. The UK factory also manufactures copper network cabling and make-to-order pre-terminated assemblies for data center and enterprise customers throughout Europe and the Middle East. Leviton’s global manufacturing footprint ensures customers worldwide can access its products and systems with shorter shipping distances, resulting in a reduced carbon footprint and shorter lead times. Leviton encourages customers to visit its manufacturing facilities and see how Leviton cabling products are made as well as meet the teams who produce them.

Leviton Network Solutions will continue to monitor these developments and others that aim to restore and maintain competitive balance in the optical fiber cable industry, wherever they may be.

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