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Legrand Publishes White Paper Detailing Their Journey to Becoming Smarter About Energy

Legrand has a newly published white paper out, A Guide to Submeter Deployment and Greater Energy Management Insights. The paper takes readers through the various stages of submeter implementation that the company has deployed as an element of their participation in the US DOE Better Buildings, Better Plants (BBBP) Challenge.

In participating in the BBBP Challenge, Legrand committed to reducing its energy intensity by 25% over 10 years, and the company is well on their way to exceeding that commitment. One contributing factor to their success in reducing energy waste has been the installation of submeters in 14 locations across North America. Submeters are allowing Legrand to monitor separate energy loads used within each building, analyze patterns, and detect anomalies, which uncovers even more energy saving opportunities.

Legrand has produced this whitepaper to illustrate, in a straightforward and step-by-step way, the challenges and successes experienced over the course of deploying submeters. By sharing its own approaches to reducing energy intensity, Legrand offers examples and resources to other companies as they develop their own energy management strategies.

Click here to access a copy of this white paper.

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