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Legrand Launches New Energy Program

As a major player in
the electrical industry, Legrand considers that part of its role is to help
enable the greatest possible number of people to enjoy sustainable access to
electricity. Launched on a global scale, the Legrand Electricity For All
program is designed to combine the various initiatives taken by the group and
its subsidiaries to provide access to electricity and act against energy
poverty. It involves and mobilizes many stakeholders, especially the Group’s
own employees and development aid organizations. On the basis of its firm
belief that energy availability represents a major lever for both economic and
human development, Legrand through this program is extending its commitment to
helping everyone gain simple, safe and sustainable access to electricity.


The Legrand Electricity For All  program is organized around two main aims – ensuring access to
electricity and combating energy poverty – and four fields of action covering a
wide variety of measures :


è   Development aid partnership : through this program, Legrand supports both long-term
development projects and emergency humanitarian aid work. As an example,
Legrand has been working in partnership since 2007 with the NGO Electricians
Sans Frontières on a large number of initiatives worldwide.


è   Process of frugal innovation : the program focuses Legrand’s determination to develop products
meeting essential needs and adapted to suit each market’s requirements.


è   Exploratory research projects : Legrand rolls out a research approach aimed at imagining new ways of
gaining access to energy, especially in new economies and developing countries.


è   Solutions for enhanced energy efficiency : On the strength of its familiarity with energy issues, Legrand devises
and engineers solutions to enhance energy efficiency and thereby cut energy

Commenting on the
official launch of the Legrand Electricity For All program, Gilles Schnepp,
Legrand’s Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, declared:
As a leading player in the electrical
industry, we consider that our role is to do our utmost to favour long-lasting,
regular and safe access to electricity, and thereby to sustainably contribute
to pushing back the energy frontier, for the benefit of all.”

The legrand
Electricity For All program is led by Hervé Pernat, VP Sustainable Development
and Strategic Processes for the Legrand Group, who points out: “Legrand Electricity For All embodies
our corporate social responsibility, because electricity is an essential
development factor for populations.”


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