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Legrand Honored For Energy Efficiency

Legrand has been
recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) at the International Energy
Technology Conference for its continuing efforts to make energy efficiency a
top priority through the company’s involvement in the Better Buildings, Better
Plants Challenge.

Challenge is a DOE program that highlights leaders who are committed to saving
energy and providing energy intensity reduction models for others to follow.  The
BBBP calls upon participating companies to achieve a 25 percent energy
intensity reduction within 10 years. Legrand has already exceeded this
challenge and achieved a 28.5 percent reduction across 14 U.S. sites since
starting the program in 2011.

been actively tracking our efforts, and in 2012 we achieved an incremental 8.34
percent reduction in energy intensity over our baseline year of 2009,” said
Legrand, North America President and CEO John Selldorff . “In addition, we
have pledged to reduce energy intensity at our West Hartford, CT headquarters
by 10 percent in just two years and are continuing on the path to meet this

Legrand has
begun installing sub-meters at many facilities to identify further energy
savings opportunities and implemented internally focused initiatives that
empower employees to use less energy in their day-to-day at work.

attribute our progress in 2012 to a combination of some new approaches, while
working to expand and improve upon on previous years’ efforts,” added
Susan Rochford , vice president Energy Efficiency, Sustainability & Public
Policy for Legrand, “We will continue to share the tools and approaches we
have developed in the course of tackling our energy intensity reduction goals.  Our
latest tool is called Organizing for Results and includes a five-step
process that other organizations may find useful as they develop and organize
their sustainability efforts.”

the company has pledged to report and share its results with the DOE and public
through its participation in the BBBP Challenge. All energy saving
resources, including the Organizing for Results, Power Down Day
, Legrand’s Corporate Energy Policy, Energy
Management Handbook
and Energy Project
Evaluation Tool
, can be found at

Both Selldorff
and Rochford credit the company’s successful efforts in reducing energy
consumption to a combination of the engagement of its employees, the
sponsorship of a dedicated leadership team, the development of tools and key
management processes, and investment of the time and needed resources to put it
all together.

recognition by the DOE on Legrand’s success in the Better Buildings, Better
Plants Challenge builds upon its presentation of the IETC Energy Award at the
2013 IETC event in New Orleans.


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