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Legrand Enhances VMI For Pass & Seymour Product Line With Datalliance

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (April 9, 2014) – Legrand today announced that it will be implementing a Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) program based on the Datalliance VMI service for its entire Pass & Seymour® product line numbering over 10,000 SKUs.

As a cloud-based solution, the Datalliance VMI service requires no installation or maintenance. The result is a seamless implementation without the added costs of onsite IT support staff or implementation delays.

The VMI service will enable Legrand to rapidly set up an effective process for its extensive customer base, including distributors and retailers, to both manage their inventory of Pass & Seymour SKUs as well as order fulfillment. This will ensure even closer collaboration and relationship building, optimize supply chains and correctly synchronize business objectives. The mutual benefits will include a reduction of inventory with a corresponding increase in sales, enhanced customer service and the rationalization of business operations. As a customer centric brand, all these benefits are important for Legrand.

“Legrand is excited about strengthening our relationship with Datalliance by offering their superior Vendor Managed Inventory model to support the Pass & Seymour product line,” said Pat Davin, Vice President and General Manager, Pass & Seymour, Electrical Wiring Systems Division, Legrand, North America. “We pride ourselves in being a leader in Distributor Service and Support. With VMI, we look to solidify this position through mutual sales growth, accelerated new product penetration, and improved distributor profitability.”

Tom Hoar, Director of Sales at Datalliance commented, “With more than 20 years of experience and 160 global customer sites, we have built up significant intellectual capital in the management of vendor inventory. We look forward to sharing our deep knowledge, with the Pass & Seymour team at Legrand. Our experience shows us that they will rapidly attain all the benefits that our VMI program delivers, and that their extended customer base will also realize tangible benefits once the solution is live.”

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