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LEDVANCE Spreads the Power of Positivity Across the Nation

LEDVANCE Spreads the Power of Positivity Across the Nation

WILMINGTON, Mass. — Holding the elevator for a stranger. Buying a coffee for the next person in line. Cheering up a friend who is down. Giving a warm smile while working the drive-thru window. Doing a podcast that makes people laugh during their long commute. These are just some of the little ways people who “Be the Light” make our country a brighter place. LEDVANCE is working with the Be the Light Campaign to issue a call to action to find and recognize people who give off positive energy and joy, and reward them for spreading light.

Through February 10, visit to nominate anyone who exemplifies what it means to “Be the Light” as a way to thank that special person that makes your day brighter. Examples could include a person who exudes positivity, is always willing to help out when needed, or is an inspirational role model. You could nominate a friend, family member, co-worker, anyone you know, or even yourself as a way to inspire others. Out of the nominations, 50 people who best embody the “Be the Light” concept will receive a Thank You Gift that includes a $50 Amazon Gift Card and SYLVANIA lighting products. If your nominee is selected, we will reward you with a $10 Amazon Gift Card and lighting products too! Starting on National Random Acts of Kindness Day (February 17), these selected stories of light-hearted people will be shared online with the hope they will ignite a movement toward positivity and help inspire others to Be the Light.

“The Be the Light Campaign emphasizes the profound impact small acts that spread light have on individuals and communities. SYLVANIA lighting has been illuminating homes and businesses for over a century, and by joining this cause now we want to shine a light on people who Be the Light, meaning people that are a source of positive energy for those around them,” said David Geyer, Head of Brand Management–U.S. and Canada, LEDVANCE. “With the start of the New Year, now is the time to set the tone for 2017 by encouraging light and positivity.”   

“Be the Light is focused on the importance of hope. We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health, and that small moments of kindness can alter the course of someone’s day. These can have a rippling effect that positively impacts more and more people over time,” said Melissa M. Syler, founder of the Be the Light Campaign. “Working with LEDVANCE’s SYLVANIA lighting team, we invite the nation to be an agent of change. Be a part of something larger than yourself. Be the Light.”  


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