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LEDVANCE Publishes First Global Sustainability Report

LEDVANCE Publishes First Global Sustainability Report

Following the implementation of several activities to make its products more sustainable, LEDVANCE has developed a comprehensive sustainability strategy that covers all areas of the lighting experts’ business. The strategy builds the strong foundation to achieve LEDVANCE’s vision and strategic goals and to make a significant contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations by incorporating the UN Global Compact principles into the strategy, culture, and day-to-day operations of the company. Sustainability is now also directly linked to the company management via the function of the Chief Operating Officer. The strategy is reflected in the company’s first sustainability report, which is now publicly available at

Less resources and waste

Among the activities LEDVANCE has already taken are plastic-free packaging, reduced consumption of natural resources and energy during the production process, less emissions and waste as well as compliance with fair working conditions and safety standards. As a result, LEDVANCE was awarded an EcoVadis silver medal for its achievements in the areas of environmental efforts, ethics, labor and human rights, as well as sustainable procurement in 2022.

LEDVANCE’s sustainability strategy at a glance

As a result of a comprehensive review process, LEDVANCE has developed its sustainability strategy, which finds its way into its subsidiaries via various short- and medium-term goals, and thus has an impact on about 140 countries in which LEDVANCE operates. The five focus areas are product design, supply chain & own operations, employees, digital responsibility, and sustainability communication. LEDVANCE’s environmental management includes the sustainable use of energy, water, waste, and chemicals, as well as the monitoring of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG emissions), with the environmentally conscious design and recycling of products, therefore playing a key part. Through its ‘quality first’ approach, LEDVANCE offers its customers outstanding products whose entire life cycle is based on sustainable processes. To prioritize sustainability throughout the entire value chain, LEDVANCE maintains a common value base with its suppliers and implented processes that ensure all activities comply with statutory regulations. The focus of LEDVANCE’s social commitment is the observance of fair working conditions and safety standards as well as the continuous development and support of its diverse and talented employees.

“We are aware of the impact our business activities have on the economy, nature and people, as well as the leverage we have through our sustainable transformation,“ says Gareth Jackson, Chief Operating Officer at LEDVANCE. “We are convinced that light can make a significant contribution to achieving the sustainable development goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. Therefore, the desire to make our products more sustainable has already found its way into many areas like the elimination of plastic in packaging, the reduction of rare raw materials in our products or the improvement of their quality.“

The sustainability report is available here:

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