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Even before the launch of its Circular pendant ceiling light from the SUN@HOME series, LEDVANCE was able to snatch a coveted design award for it: SCHÖNER WOHNEN, Europe’s biggest magazine for interior design, has given the new luminaire model the “BEST OF DESIGN 2022” award. The decisive factors were the combination of timeless design and innovative lighting technology. The luminaires will be launched on the market this autumn.

With its new “BEST OF DESIGN” seal, SCHÖNER WOHNEN rewards high quality and unique design concepts in the furnishing industry to provide customers with guidance and better information about trends and products. In addition to design, factors such as sustainability, ergonomics and functionality play a role for the editorial team.

With SUN@HOME, LEDVANCE offers a complete range of innovative luminaires that reproduce natural daylight like no other, thus increasing not only well-being but also performance. The portfolio consists of lamps and indoor luminaires for the home office with table, floor and monitor luminaires (e.g. SUN@HOME PANAN Desk TW), as well as wall and ceiling luminaires for living areas such as the living room, bedroom and children’s room (e.g. SUN@HOME Moodlight TW). The new products support biodynamic effects similar to sunlight and thus have positive effects on users’ own well-being. For example, users feel more alert, more agile and can concentrate better. With its particularly good, natural color rendering (CRI >95), low proportion of blue light, and automatic adjustment of light color and intensity to natural daylight (between 2,200 K and 5,000 K), the new product range offers a very high quality of light that supports the natural circadian rhythm. The SUN@HOME product series ranges in price from EUR 14.95 to EUR 299.95.

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