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Korrus Acquires Circadian ZircLight, Inc.

Korrus Acquires Circadian ZircLight, Inc.

LOS ANGELES — Continuing its investment in healthy light, Korrus, a leading technology company in the field of Human Light Interaction (HLI), announced the acquisition of Circadian ZircLight, Inc.

Korrus technologies enable an ecosystem of novel light-based products and applications at the heart of human health and wellbeing. With the addition of Circadian ZircLight, which has long promoted the benefits of health-conscious lighting, Korrus reinforces its mission to innovate and lead in the space. Through this acquisition, Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, CEO of Circadian ZircLight, will be joining Korrus as Chief Medical Advisor.

For over 40 years, Dr. Moore-Ede has been a leading expert in circadian biology and the role that light plays in the governance of our circadian clocks. As a professor at Harvard Medical School (1975 – 1998), he led the team that located the suprachiasmatic nucleus, the biological clock in the human brain that controls the timing of sleep and wake, and pioneered research on how the human body can safely adapt to working around the clock.

In 1983 Dr. Moore-Ede founded the global consulting and technology firm, CIRCADIAN® which optimizes 24/7 workforce productivity, health and safety, with a client base that includes over half of the Fortune 500.

In response to his clients’ growing concerns about the harmful effects of conventional lighting on workplace health, safety and performance, Dr. Moore-Ede spun off Circadian ZircLight in 2011 to develop evidence-based LED circadian lighting products that provide physiologically optimized light spectra across day and night, based on comprehensive medical research.

The addition of Circadian ZircLight, and Dr. Moore-Ede, long-time advocate for the role of light in circadian health, as Chief Medical Advisor, further positions Korrus as a trailblazer in the HLI industry.

Mark Reynoso, CEO of Korrus, said: “In alignment with our mission to innovate, and provide the world with better, healthier light, the addition of Circadian ZircLight is a strong fit. As our Chief Medical Advisor, Dr. Moore-Ede will continue in his work to publicly evangelize the values of healthy lighting and aid in our ongoing effort to develop health-optimized products across a wide range of applications.”

Dr. Martin Moore-Ede, CEO of Circadian ZircLight and Korrus Chief Medical Advisor, said: “I am excited to be joining Korrus at this pivotal moment in the history of light as we harness the power of digital light to optimize health, wellbeing, and human performance. It is now possible to spectrally engineer light to reduce the risk of numerous diseases caused by circadian disruption, including diabetes, heart disease and cancer.”

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