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IES Updates Lighting Library

The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES) is updating the standards for its Lighting Library.

The Lighting Library™ is a newly formulated 5-collection series of IES standards that updates, expands, and replaces The 2010 Lighting Handbook and previous versions of our standards. All content within the Library has been vetted and approved by our ANSI-approved IES consensus process, with most of the nearly 100 standards having attained American National Standard status. Subscribing to The Lighting Library™ through our web-enabled platform allows you to take your knowledge with you (without breaking your back); you can bookmark, annotate, and keep track of updates, all personalized to your interests.

There are several subscription plans.

Benefits include:

A subscription to The Lighting Library™ gives you all the IES standards on a platform that can be accessed by you anytime and anywhere.

  • Find what you need faster
  • Bookmark and annotate important sections
  • Everything is automatically updated
  • IES Standards all interlinked for fast cross-referencing
  • Find references and get links to obtain research papers through Reference Retriever
  • Find illuminance recommendations fast through the Interactive Illuminance Selector
  • Always available online
  • Take your knowledge with you

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