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IES Offers Nighttime Lighting Program

It gets dark every night. Learn Night Light is a collection of twenty training sessions providing the groundwork necessary for lighting professionals to create safe and pleasing night environments. SAVE $100 when you register for both courses. Use code LNLSAVE at checkout when you register.

Taught by renowned lighting designer and author Janet Lennox Moyer, this e-learning program provides advanced knowledge to help lighting professionals create safe and pleasing nighttime landscape lighting environments. Throughout the 20 training sessions, Janet Lennox Moyer shares knowledge and expertise gained through 48 years of experience in the field and thousands of lighting design projects.

At the end of these courses, participants will be able to:

  • Recognize landscape lighting differences from other types of lighting
  • Understand the secret of the science and art behind illumination
  • Understand humans’ perception of light and how we use light to guide people through nighttime landscape spaces
  • Elevate your capacity and expand your creativity with landscape lighting
  • Select the right lighting equipment using LED technology
  • Create lighting design plans tailored to your clients’ needs

Hours of video and hundreds of photographs, charts, and graphs showcase Janet Lennox Moyer’s hands-on project experience. A detailed workbook with project photographs accompanies each video session. Flexible and accessible, the course allows participants to complete the training at their own pace and earn up to 20 continuing education credits recognized by the IES, ASLA, and AIA.


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