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IDEAL Industries Teams With LEDiL On LED Components

IDEAL Industries, Inc. and LEDiL Oy have announced the latest innovation resulting from the two companies’ ongoing engineering partnership: the full compatibility of LEDIL Angela and Angelina reflectors with IDEAL Chip-Lok array holders and the Cree CXA35 array.

The IDEAL Chip-Lok is the only connector available today for the Cree CXA35, a high-lumen, high efficacy LED array used in such lighting applications as high-bay luminaires and metal-halide replacements. Because LEDiL reflectors can now mate with the Chip-Lok holder, IDEAL can offer a complete system that connects the reflector to the Cree array to deliver the most efficient electrical, mechanical, thermal, and optical qualities. 

Leaders in both their respective fields, IDEAL and LEDIL plan to continue their collaboration to develop an inexpensive, simple-to-install ecosystem of LED components that seamlessly connect LEDiL optics to IDEAL connectors for OEM lighting applications.

“LEDiL and IDEAL have partnered to meet the changing global requirements of OEM manufacturers who are integrating LED technology into lighting applications,” explained Ben Swedberg, Business Unit Manager, Electrical Connections for IDEAL. “To remain competitive, these OEMs need to deploy the latest LED technology quickly and trust that the components they’re using are fully compatible as a system. Therefore, collaboration between their suppliers is critical to their success.”

“LEDiL and IDEAL have developed a strong relationship and will continue to work together to provide manufacturers systematic solutions on which they can rely,” said Tero Makinen, Technical Product Manager at LEDiL.

IDEAL Chip-Lok Array Holders are fabricated from hardened stainless steel to prevent the creep to which plastic holders are prone, assuring great thermal pressure for the life of the luminaire. A flange on its outer edge provides a thermal path to the heat sink that allows the array to run significantly cooler than traditional holders while offering structural strength. The Chip-Lok array holder helps lighting manufacturers build upon this trend by reducing chip temperature, therefore extending array life or allowing the OEM to reduce the size of their heat sink. The size and mounting of all Chip-Lok Holders are consistent with Zhaga parameters, allowing OEMs to standardize components. IDEAL currently offers Chip-Lok holders for all major array manufacturers including Cree, Philips, Citizen, Nichia and Seoul Semiconductor. 

Optimized for performance, LEDiL reflectors provide comprehensive support for the widest range of COBs. This can be noted in the spot version of Angela which is optimized to provide a well-defined beam pattern and centre beam candela power (CBCP). The smaller 85 mm diameter ANGELINA displays beam characteristics typical for downlights and general lighting. Its Mirella, Angela, and Lena families represent the finest example of LEDiL’s system reflectors philosophy – one design, endless possibilities.

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