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IDA Introduces Light Monitor Grant Program

IDA Introduces Light Monitor Grant Program
Jeff taking SQM measurements in Gaomeigu, Yunnan, China.

The International Dark Sky Association (IDA) announced the rollout of its new pilot Light Monitor Grant Program. By partnering with Asterion, IDA is providing specialized devices that monitor the presence of visible artificial light at night to its advocates.

These specialized devices can be valuable tools to collect data required for applications to the¬†International Dark Sky Places Program, IDA’s award-winning Program that recognizes communities and protected places worldwide for their exceptional dedication to celebrating and protecting dark skies. By offering these devices in its Lighting Device Program, a Dark Sky Place applicant, IDA Chapter, or Delegate can use them to monitor light pollution without needing to purchase a new device on their own.

The Devices

The Light Monitor Grant Program includes two types of devices: Sky Quality Monitoring-Lens (SQM-L) handheld devices and the Opple Light Master III light meter (LM-III).

SQM-Ls measure zenith night sky brightness to indicate whether a location has pristinely dark skies. They are the most common way to monitor the health of this resource long term.

LM-IIIs are helpful when determining if existing light fixtures meet the provisions of a Lighting Management Plan or policy and provide the necessary information to complete a Lighting Inventory table. At present, Color Correlated Temperature (CCT) is a required principle that needs to be recorded for an International Dark Sky Place application. In the future, there may be a need to record data for illuminance and flicker, which the LM-III can measure.

This Program is intended to supplement funding barriers from groups who wish to monitor artificial light at night and need additional assistance to do so. If extenuating circumstances prevent you or your group from purchasing these light monitors on your own, click on the link below for detailed information. This program offers a limited number of devices that can be funded.

More information can be found here.

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