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IALD Names New Chapter Coordinators

The IALD recently welcomed several new volunteer IALD Region + Chapter Coordinators.

The newly-formed IALD Southeast United States Chapter will benefit from the talents and energy of these incredible individuals:

  • Carrie Walker, Assoc. IALD, has been in the lighting industry since 2008, originating as a light artist. As an Atlanta, Georgia-based Associate with CD+M Lighting Design Group, her favorite thing about light is how it appears to breathe life into a space or object.
  • Jeff Brown, IALD, is a nationally recognized designer in the lighting industry. At Tampa, Florida’s Power Design, Inc., Jeff is the Lighting Design Studio Manager leading a talented, creative team of ten professional lighting designers.
  • Kate Sanoke, Assoc. IALD, has been an invaluable lighting design asset to EXP for over sixteen years in the Orlando, Florida area. A highly designated and accredited lighting designer, she views the profession as the perfect mix of technical and creative: providing innovative solutions within the confines of environments with fundamental technical parameters and design criteria.

Meanwhile, three new lighting design talents are now leading the IALD Midwest United States Chapter:

  • Samantha Komber, Jr. Assoc. IALD, has a passion for lighting design that stems from a strong art and science background and a desire to improve our built environment. She enjoys creating functional and aesthetic designs that impact perception, evoke emotion, and promote health and well-being. Sam hopes to continue to spread her love of lighting through her designs.
  • Katelyn Le-Thompson, Jr. Assoc. IALD, is a multifaceted lighting designer skilled in project management, client relations, and creative solutions. With a background in design for themed entertainment, hospitality, and live events, she is passionate about creating inclusive environments.
  • Matt Valerio, Jr. Assoc. IALD, is inspired to find the story of each space and offer ways to express that aesthetic through lighting design. He prefers a thoughtful, intentional approach to fixture placement, the impact of lighting, and how lighting design affects everyone’s daily life.

Both IALD chapters will be well-served by their volunteer time and effort, and the IALD community worldwide will improve through their participation in this vital role.

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