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Hubbell Lighting Wins AD Supplier Award

Hubbell Lighting Wins AD Supplier Award

GREENVILLE, S.C. — Hubbell Lighting was recognized by AD during its annual awards event with the 2019 Best Conversion to an AD Supplier Award at the 2019 Electrical North American Meeting. Hubbell Lighting’s conversion with VP Supply Corp, a leader in the Northeastern U.S. for electrical products, wholesale plumbing, HVAC, renewable energy, kitchen and bath design industries, was rewarded for increasing job and stock more than 223 percent.

In comments made when Hubbell accepted the award, Chris Stockton, vice president of sales at Hubbell Lighting, noted, “At Hubbell Lighting we take a qualitative approach when we select which distributors we are going to work within target markets and we chose partners that are poised to be relevant far into the next decade.”

“In partnership with our agent, Lightspec, we were able to take our biggest challenge, new product education and training, and turn it into our best opportunity,” said Clayton Smith, director of business development – C&I Distributor Sales, at Hubbell Lighting. “By hosting a number of informative events at our Lighting Solutions Center in Greenville, SC, we were better equipped to make joint sales calls to every branch.”

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