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Hubbell Lighting Sweeps Award Competition

Hubbell Lighting Sweeps Award Competition

GREENVILLE, S.C. ­— Hubbell Lighting recently won six 2016 Product Innovation Awards, more than any other lighting manufacturer. The “PIAs” are Architectural SSL Magazine’s annual program to determine and honor the most innovative LED/solid-state luminaires and fixtures on the market, while also recognizing the companies behind the components that make up these light sources.

With this year’s recognitions, Hubbell Lighting has now received a total of 22 Architectural SSL Magazine PIAs over the past three years.

“Hubbell Lighting is committed to improving the lighting experience through the performance, value, and quality of our solutions,” said Brian Golden, vice president and general manager, C&I Lighting at Hubbell Lighting. “The recognition and praise from industry influencers proves that we are making good on this commitment. I’ve seen first-hand the time, effort and thought that has gone into the development and refinement of the products and projects that have been recognized with Product Innovation Awards and I am proud of the team’s accomplishments.”

Awards presented to Hubbell:

  • PIA for Best Renovation Project Using SSL
  • PIA for Education Brand of the Year

The PIA awards are organized by interior, exterior and components categories, with subcategories reflecting as much apples-to-apples functionality as possible. Hubbell Lighting secured PIAs for the following products:

  • PIA – Dual-Lite Dynamo Series NEMA 4X Industrial High performance LED Emergency Unit
  • PIA – Beacon Products Orbeon with Beaconnect
  • PIA – ArcheType X Site/Area
  • PIA – Hubbell Outdoor’s Arceos ARA3

“There’s an old maxim that says be careful what you wish for,” said Jim Crockett, editorial director, Architectural SSL Magazine. “Back in 2007 when we started this magazine, it was very difficult to find any LED products. Almost a decade later, the challenge is not finding an LED product, it’s identifying the good ones—thus the PIAs, which we hope will help lighting decision-makers everywhere make more informed choices, or at the least, point them in a good starting direction.”


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