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Hubbell Lighting Participates in “Eclipse Fest”

Hubbell Lighting Participates in “Eclipse Fest”

Volunteers from Hubbell Lighting recently participated in an “Eclipse Fest” held at a local elementary school.

A. J. Whittenberg, Greenville County’s first elementary school with a school-wide engineering curriculum, was certified by NASA as an official viewing site for the total solar eclipse. To mark the occasion, the school hosted a celebration that included food trucks, music, trivia, games and prizes. 

Volunteers from Hubbell Lighting set up five interactive, hands-on engagement displays to showcase the science behind the eclipse. Displays included:

  • Solar ovens, where an old fixture used the sun’s energy to cook miniature s’mores.
  • UV jewelry was used to create bracelets out of UV activated beads. The beads show color only when exposed to UV light.
  • Eclipse art encouraged participants to draw what they thought the Solar Eclipse would look like.
  • A solar scale included using ping pong balls, basketballs, and stress relief balls to demonstrate what it takes for the moon to block the sun.
  • Spectrometer cereal boxes demonstrated light diffraction and wave frequencies.
  • Yard stick eclipse was similar to that of the solar scale, using a yard stick and miniature balls to block the sun and cast a shadow onto the other ball.

A special time capsule was also created with pictures on a thumb drive, drawings, stories, etc. to be opened at the next solar eclipse.

Hubbell Lighting is committed to inspire the next generation of engineers and elevate the community in which it serves. It makes good on that promise by investing time and resources in community activities such as this.

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