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Hubbell Lighting Enhances Outdoor Lighting At Dealerships

Greenville, SC—Lighting is an essential and important part of the automotive shopping experience, but also one of its greatest expenses, accounting for more than 45% of a dealership’s energy costs. Hubbell Lighting, a world leader in lighting innovation, announced today that two of its brands, Spaulding Lighting and Beacon Products, have introduced new optical packages specifically designed for dealerships.

Spaulding Lighting has added two choices for its award-winning, energy efficient Cimarron LED luminaire and Beacon Products now offers high performance optics in the proven and award-winning Viper LED luminaire. The new optics provide maximum illumination and performance for highlighting dealership inventory and marketing the ever-important front row of cars and trucks.

Designed with the most advanced LED lighting technology, Spaulding Lighting’s Cimarron LED luminaire offers a perfect balance of design, form, function, and energy-efficiency for outdoor lighting applications. By utilizing precise LED optical design, the Cimarron’s new optics maximize light delivery to the desired area with minimal wasted light. The optics provide bright uniformity while at the same time reducing the number of luminaires needed to properly illuminate the site. This, coupled with the energy-efficiency of the LED luminaires, means dealership owners can save big with a retrofit.

With two (1A and 2A) optic choices specifically designed for auto dealerships, the Cimarron LED luminaire has excellent lateral spread that allows for increased pole spacing, ranging from 25 to 75 feet. The 1A front row optics deliver concentrated illumination targeting the front row display with tremendous “house side” cutoff behind the pole to amplify the impact of a dealership’s front row merchandise. In addition to front row illumination, the 2A optic directs light towards the second row of vehicles to provide uniformity for the drive lane and interior rows.

The Viper LED from Beacon Products offers a low-profile lighting solution for a variety of applications. With its contemporary streamlined design, the Viper LED leads the industry with a unique visual appearance that complements new and existing architecture. Now available with FR – New Front Row Auto Optics or Traditional Type IV Optics, the luminaire distributes light where it is specifically needed for front row and interior row illumination of auto dealership applications. As the name suggests, the FR optics delivers maximum illumination specifically targeting the front row display and the Traditional Type IV Optics provides overall uniformity and vertical illumination on the second row of vehicles.

For additional information on Spaulding Lighting and Beacon Products’ auto dealership lighting solutions, please visit and Also, to learn more about Hubbell Lighting’s unique lighting retrofit program for dealerships, visit:

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