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How Schaedler-Yesco looks at clean energy

By Joe Salimando

Affiliated Distributors’ clean energy efforts have added a boost to directions in which Schaedler-Yesco Distribution of Harrisburg, Pa. was already moving, according to President Matt Brnik and John Polites, energy manager.


Above: Just one of the energy features on the Schaedler-Yesco website.

For a company that got involved in solar some 14 months ago, Schaedler-Yesco Distribution is strikingly selective. “We sell to solar installation companies, for the most part—those are solar specialists,” said Polites. “We also work with a handful of electrical contractors who are serious about solar.”

There’s more for Schaedler-Yesco, Polites indicated—and that includes the smart grid. The company is exploring the metering aspects of the movement to utility-to-building communication and is also working on finding ways for its lighting control offerings to fit into the “demand response.”

 “Being involved in the AD program has provided us with a lot of information and contacts that maybe we wouldn’t have been able to develop on our own,” said Brnik. “Certainly, it has made it easier for us.”

“We’re involved in the Clean Energy Council. We’re able to get information on who is involved, the suppliers, and—from the other distributors—best practices. Basically, the program has enabled us to expand our access to a lot of resources we didn’t have access to before,” Brnik said.

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