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Hossley to Represent Saylite

DALLAS — Hossley Lighting and Power Solutions has elected to represent Saylite and its USA-made white good lighting products in all their territories (Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Mississippi, Arkansas, Tennessee, South Alabama and the Florida Panhandle) following their parting with Current earlier in September. The new partnership between Hossley and Saylite commenced October 1st 2023 and represents a new and original level of partnership for both companies given Saylite’s sister company, Lights Fantastic Pro’s (Lights Fantastic), local presence in its own Distribution and Showroom locations throughout the territory. These local Lights Fantastic locations will continue to serve local residential customers including architects, builders, designers, walk-in homeowners and local electrical contractors directly, as they have done for the last 40+ years, however, all local and regional Lights Fantastic commercial business will now be sold through Hossley, including any commercial contracts initially generated by the Lights Fantastic luminaries through their extensive regional commercial contact base.

Al Near, Managing Principal and CEO of Hossley stated, “We are excited to welcome such an established American and Texas-based lighting company such as Saylite to the Hossley family.    The quality and breadth of their interior products combined with their local, personalized service will be a welcome and positive experience for our customers as we move forward together. We look forward to working with Saylite and growing together as true partners.”

Chris Armstrong, CEO of Saylite and Fleco, Saylite’s parent, stated, “In addition to Saylite’s national presence, our unique local reach through Saylite’s sister companies will supercharge our new partnership with Hossley and be a truly unique commercial service to our joint customers and market. Combined with our ability to respond quicker than suppliers relying on imports to provide high-quality lighting solutions that can even be pre-kitted if needed to make a customer’s installation easier and cheaper, thanks to our U.S. based manufacturing facilities, I believe this partnership will standout above all others and help to change the way our business serves its customers.”

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