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Harvard Collaborates with Architectural Lighting Works

Harvard Engineering, world leader in the design, development and manufacture of LED drivers and control products for the lighting industry, has announced it has formed a strategic partnership with Architectural Lighting Works.

Harvard has designed 1ft and 2ft light engines, optimized by the UNI Analog Switchable driver, exclusively for the company. The light engines have a push wire connection, making them extremely easy to install into any application.

The UNI Analog driver has dual switchable drive currents and offers flexible 120V-277V mains input, reducing the number of different LED drivers required. The driver also provides smooth 0-10V Analog dimming to 5%.

The LEDs will also have colorimetric binning. This will allow them to be segregated into groups, or ‘bins’, with each different ‘bin’ varying in colour. This will allow color matches if additional lights need to be added or if problems occur with any lights in an installation, to ensure color consistency throughout.

Shira Steinbeck, CEO of Architectural Lighting Works, specialists in the design and manufacture of made to measure linear and custom lighting, commented, “The light engines created by Harvard are perfect for Architectural Lighting Works. Not only do they provide a flexible solution which is easy to fit, but the use of the UNI Analog Switchable driver means that the number of drivers required has been significantly reduced, making it a very cost effective solution.”

Antony Corrie, Vice President of Harvard Engineering Americas, commented, “Our collaboration with Architectural Lighting Works showcases our ability to develop bespoke solutions for our customers’ requirements. We are extremely pleased the company is happy with our solution and we look forward to working with them on similar projects in the future.”

All Harvard’s products are manufactured in the UK and are readily available in the USA through the company’s sales offices in San Diego, California.

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