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Halco Lighting Technologies hires 2 product analysts

Halco Lighting Technologies has hired two new product analysts—Jeff Emerson and Ashwin Seshadri.

Jeff Emerson

Emerson has more than four years of experience in contracting and operations. He previously worked as a project engineer and operations manager.

In his new role, Emerson will be researching new technology and industry trends. He will also test and analyze Halco and Sollos products. Emerson will report to Kristoff Byrd, product manager.






Seshadri brings a background in behavioral research to Halco.

Ashwin Seshadri

He previously worked as a behavioral research analyst, where he worked with qualitative and quantitative data for clients such as Wrangler, the Center for Disease Control and the State of Georgia.

Seshadri will also be researching new technology and trends as well as testing and analyzing Halco products. He will report to Del Moses, product manager.

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