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Guardian Industries Launches New Lighting Costs Calculator


Auburn Hills, Mich. – Guardian Industries has launched a Lighting Performance Calculator that allows lighting system designers to compare cost and performance data such as fixture count and an assessment of the financial payback of using glass and coated glass lenses in lighting projects.

The new public Lighting Performance Calculator, available at, provides an analysis of the total cost when using high-performance glass for lighting. Designers of lighting systems can compare various combinations of glass and coatings for luminaire lenses to evaluate the benefits of using value added glass and coatings in lighting projects.

Users are able to evaluate lighting projects throughout the United States, Canada and Mexico using a variety of high-performance glass and coating lens configurations. Through a series of prompts, users are asked to enter general project information, including:  fixture count, input and output, lumens, wattage, lens area, and fixture cost, installation, maintenance and operating hours. They will also be asked to enter photometric information, such as zonal lumens for 0-60° and 60-90° or photometric candela data for 0-90°at 10° increments.

Once this information is entered, the calculator enables users to evaluate various options to increase performance, reduce fixture count and cost of ownership, and assess estimated payback periods. Results are summarized in data tables and available for customized report generation into PDF format when completed.

“We wanted to create a valuable resource for our lighting customers,” said David P. Maikowski, Director, Lighting Market, Guardian Industries. “The goal of the Lighting Performance Calculator is to give the user a resource to compare potential performance improvements and explore possible fixture count reductions, annual energy cost reductions and estimated payback period for lighting projects using our glass and coated glass product options.”

Guardian is a leader in the development and manufacture of high performance glass for lighting, including anti-reflective glass, which maximizes lighting performance through high transmission and low reflectivity.

The public calculator, developed in collaboration with Stout Systems, a software development and staffing company, is one of several digital tools Guardian recently introduced to ease the product specifying process for architects, builders and interior designers, including the Building Energy Calculator, BIM Generator, SunGuard app, InGlass Website and ecoScorecard.

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