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Google Virtual Tour Showcases Lighting Technology In Universal’s New Headquarters

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (May 19, 2014) –Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., (a member of the Panasonic Lighting Americas Group) has unveiled its new corporate headquarters at 51 Century Blvd., Suite 230 in Nashville, Tennessee via a Google Maps virtual tour. Users can now walk through the entire office online for an up-close look at the innovative and energy-efficient lighting incorporated throughout the office. Universal added new fixtures and retrofitted old technologies with Universal ballasts as well as LED drivers and modules before moving to the building early this year. The virtual tour on Google can be accessed online here:

“When we made the decision to move our headquarters, due to significant growth since joining the Panasonic family, it only made sense to use our own leading technology in the space,” said Chris Holstein, Vice President of Marketing. “We did a thorough assessment of the existing lighting and decided to update the lighting across the board. We wanted our new home to reflect the very products that have led to our success. With the new lighting technology we were able to reduce our lighting power density to .45W per square foot, and with the use of scheduling, controls and sensors we are reducing the lighting costs by more than 60 percent.”

The new Panasonic Lighting America’s corporate office includes leading designs and state-of-the-art technologies. LED technologies in the facility include downlights that use EVERLINE LED Drivers and Chip on Board LED Modules as well as an LED pendant edge-lit decorative fixture in the boardroom. The lobby incorporates LED chain lighting to illuminate the company’s Panasonic Lighting Americas, Inc. entrance sign.

Many of the existing recessed troffer fixtures were upgraded with LED systems that incorporate EVERLINE linear LED Modules and drivers. Universal Lighting’s leading fluorescent technologies are also showcased with the DEMANDflex ballasts in the six-lamp T8 fixtures in the open office areas, as well as VariPRO 0-10V Analog parallel lamp operating dimming ballasts in the main entry.

Lighting throughout the new space is controlled with a Dialog Control System utilizing occupancy sensors and wall controls from Universal’s sister Panasonic company, Douglas Lighting Controls, for local zone control, manual overrides and facility scheduling. All the conference rooms and executive offices use Dialog 0-10V dimming and occupancy control with their LED lighting. The Dialog system allows custom scenes chosen by the occupant to be programmed and recalled by the controls. The lighting system is also connected to the local network for programming and scheduling, also providing override and demand response functionality.

In the open office areas, Universal’s Demand Control Lighting system (or DCL for short) controls the lighting directly over the power line without the need for additional control wires. This technology is incorporated in both the fluorescent and LED fixtures in these open areas, providing energy management and load shedding capabilities. The open areas are also grouped into sections for ceiling mount occupancy sensor control to ensure that the lights are powered off when the areas are not in use, and are never left on late in the evening when nobody is there.

“The innovative virtual tour on Google Maps helps us showcase the unique and state-of-the-art lighting used in our new headquarters,” said Holstein. “We welcome all of our customers to visit the tour link and see for yourself. Our new headquarters office demonstrates an architecturally appealing and energy-efficient controlled lighting solution.”

About Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc., produces linear fluorescent, compact fluorescent, HID, eHID, and LED solutions for commercial lighting applications, as well as energy management systems. A global leader in research and development since 1947, Universal Lighting Technologies became a member of the Panasonic Group in 2007. Today, the company manufactures and distributes products under the Universal®, EVERLINE®, Triad®, Panasonic, Vossloh-Schwabe, DCL®, DEMANDflexTM, and Signa® brand names. Universal Lighting Technologies — Energy Intelligence in Lighting

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