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GLA Argues for Access to Lighting Products

As the world confronts the evolving spread of COVID-19, governments are implementing strict measures to help limit the spread of the virus. In doing so they have to balance health and safety goals with the need for the continued delivery of essential goods and services.

The Global Lighting Association (GLA) urges authorities to ensure sustained access to lighting products during these challenging times by categorizing lighting as an essential product and ensuring lighting products can continue to be manufactured, supplied and sold.

Lighting is a vital part of life, and the availability of lighting products and services is essential, especially in the current situation.

Light is needed to functionally fulfill our daily duties at home, as well as in the places that are tasked with addressing and alleviating the current crisis, such as (emergency) hospitals, care centers, shops, and distribution centers. Furthermore – and very importantly – in stressful times light can help comfort people, make them feel safe and contribute to their well-being.

The GLA believes that access to lighting products should not become a topic of concern during the COVID-19 pandemic and we urge authorities to classify lighting products as essential products in the context of any measures that would otherwise limit manufacturing, supply or sale of products.

The Global Lighting Association is the voice of the lighting industry on a global basis. The primary mission of the GLA is to share information, within the limits of international competition law, on political, scientific, business, social and environmental issues of relevance to the lighting industry and to develop, implement and publish the position of the global lighting industry to relevant stakeholders in the international sphere.

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