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Get A Grip On Lighting: Should LIGHTFAIR Happen?

With a spike in COVID cases across the country, there are debates about new restrictions, new restrictions put in place, and a lot of frustration.

This is also the time of the year when trade shows are scheduled to happen for the first time since 2019.

Should shows like LIGHTFAIR move forward with the plan for an in-person event in New York City at the end of October?

The hosts of the Get A Grip On Lighting podcast initially intended to produce this podcast for next month, but with so much happening right now, we are moving it up to post right away.

Greg Ehrich, LC is the former President of the National Association of Innovative Lighting Distributors (NAILD) and owner of Premier Lighting, a progressive lighting distributorship.

Michael Colligan is an entrepreneur and inventor. He’s a subject matter expert in commercial and industrial lighting supply, lighting retrofits, and finding recycling streams for hard-to-recycle waste.

The Get A Grip On Lighting podcast on lightED is sponsored by Keystone Technologies.

If you want to watch more Get A Grip On Lighting podcasts, you can go to www.getagriponlighting.com.

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Discussion (4 comments)

    Steven Geller September 2, 2021 / 10:19 am

    I didn’t realize this was Fox News now. Time for these hosts to go and these click-bait videos to stop.

      Hosts of the Show September 7, 2021 / 6:33 am

      Thanks for listening Steven. Would you like to share your opinions on the show? In all seriousness we would be happy to interview you and get your take on current events as they relate to the industry, click bait, “fox news” and us needing to be fired. Perhaps you are right… But surly you can take 10 minutes to talk it through? What say you Steven?

    Susan Witten September 30, 2021 / 9:29 am

    Michael-Thanks for saying what critical thinkers have been thinking and saying for over 1 year now. Our industry has been crushed by what’s been happening…it is completely relevant to talk about it, and ways in which you think we need to come out on the other side. The brain is truly a “use it or lose it” organ, and many have simply lost the capacity to THINK. Thanks for what yo do.

      Hosts of the Show October 1, 2021 / 8:06 am

      Thank you Susan for listening!

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