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Get a Grip on Lighting Alters Podcast Schedule

Get a Grip on Lighting Alters Podcast Schedule

Get a Grip on Lighting has announced a new release schedule for its podcasts:

You heard it here first! Moving into 2021, Get a Grip on Lighting, the lighting industry’s premier podcast, vows to release podcast episodes as they are ready! Why is this such great news? Does this affect you? YES! Since 2017, Get a grip on Lighting has released episodes every Monday, like clockwork, leaving some episodes “late to the game” on their relevance. We have decided, NO more of that!

Heading into 2021, releasing episodes immediately after recording will allow them to be more timely, topical and relevant. In turn, this will help you as a listener stay up to date on what is happening within your own industry! This does mean that podcasts will run irregularly BUT that is not a bad thing! As always, you will receive an email anytime a new podcast is released, all Social Media accounts linked to the podcast and NAILD will post about the new episode AND you can always find ALL podcasts housed on the podcast’s official website! We look forward to bringing you the most important, relevant and interesting information in 2021 and beyond!

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