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GE Receives Three Awards for LED Lighting Innovation

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio—Innovation in LED lighting has earned GE high industry acclaim once again: Ten recent achievements in LED lighting from GE will be showcased at the upcoming annual conference of The Illuminating Engineering Society (IES). The honor also comes on the heels of three Next Generation Luminaires(NGL) awards ‹marking the 11th time in three years that GE has been recognized by NGL for excellence in commercial LED lighting products.

The IES Progress Committee, per its 2014 yearly review of achievements, accepted 10 GE products for the IES Annual Conference coming Nov. 2 to Pittsburgh, Pa. There, professionals from diverse disciplines will explore, present, debate and exchange best practices in the art and science of lighting. Two of GE’s standout selections will be demonstrated on stage during the three-day event:

  • Lumination IS Series LED Luminaire: Highly efficient, modern, suspended fixture; recognized by the committee for having one of the highest lumen packages for an indirect LED luminaire in the “Office/Institutional Luminaires” category, as well as for the ability to create continuous runs of light; already the choice for Walmart and other top retailers
  • Evolve ECBA Canopy Light: Combines the technical needs of a sophisticated LED system with the functional demands of an outdoor fixture facing year-round weather hazards; selected for one of the highest lumens per watt (LPW) in the “Exterior (Area) Luminaires” category and for offering a wide range of lumen packages; variety of mounting options for new construction and retrofit projects

The IES 2014 Progress Report will also recognize:

  • LineFit Light LED System: converts fluorescent cabinet sign lighting into efficient LED in four easy steps; reduces long-term labor/maintenance and offers 76% energy savings vs. standard T12HO fluorescent lighting
  • Albeo ABH2 & Albeo ABV1: ABH2 delivers wide range of light outputs replacing HID and fluorescent fixtures in high bay applications; ABV1 offers best mix of value and performance in warehouses, convention centers, sports arenas, retail and other high-ceiling spaces
  • Lumination RI Series LED Downlight: Converts any commercial downlight to LED; delivers exceptional efficacy and 90+ CRI across all lumen packages; tool-less replacement light module is virtually maintenance free
  • LightGrid: Outdoor lighting control system designed with transportation departments in mind; collects and reports data wirelessly, allowing remote operation and monitoring of all roadway fixtures; San Diego adopted this groundbreaking approach to street lighting in 2014
  • 100-watt A-line Replacement LED Bulb: First 100-watt A-line replacement ENERGY STAR® LED bulb to achieve 100 LPW; A-21 lamp offers 1600 lumens at 16 watts for residential and commercial customers looking for brighter LED bulbs and energy savings
  • TriGain: New phosphor technology that, when packaged in an LED, improves color and clarity of LED devices including lighting, smartphones, TVs and tablets; recognized by the IES in two separate categories:
    • “Materials” for significantly advancing the art and science of lighting
    • “Publications” for GE’s document explaining the advancement in method

GE was further recognized this week with three 2014 Next Generation Luminaires SSL Indoor Competition awards for excellence, announced at the 2014 LED Show in Los Angeles, Calif. The Lumination IS Series LED Luminaire again garnered distinction in the “Industrial Luminaires” category for bringing efficient LED light and a clean, sleek appearance to open ceiling environments. The indirect light source creates a more sophisticated impression while delivering impressive 105-115LPW performance.

GE’s breakthrough TriGain phosphor technology was recognized for a second time as well. When packaged inside an LED, the chemical compound, engineered in GE labs, enables light fixtures to achieve greater light levels and efficiency coupled with enhanced color rendering.

The Lumination DI Series LED Downlight for architects and interior designers also received NGL recognition in the “Recessed Downlights” category. It features GE’s Infusion LED module system, a game-changing approach that allows tool-free upgrades as LED technology advances, ensuring low cost of ownership and ease of use over time.

The annual NGL competition seeks to encourage technical innovation and recognize and promote excellence in the design of energy-efficient indoor and outdoor LED luminaires for commercial, industrial and institutional applications.

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