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GE Makes Grocery Store Lighting Extra Appetizing with New Open Deck LED Solution

EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio – Grocery and convenience store owners now have an extra-appetizing lighting solution for open deck cases that delivers a quick payback without sacrificing performance: GE’s Immersion RH30 LED lighting system.

GE’s new Immersion LED lighting system attracts customers by making food packages shine with crisp LED light. The refrigerated display lighting transforms horizontal cases housing fresh meat, packaged dairy and deli items, as well as service cases at butcher and seafood counters.


Making the switch from inefficient fluorescent lighting to a long-life LED solution will save grocers on energy, maintenance, material costs, and the hassle and cost of disposing fluorescent lamps. Depending on local electricity rates and the hours of operation, many retailers are experiencing a less than three-year payback on their retail display lighting projects.

³GE’s latest LED solution for open deck case lighting gives grocers a quick return on investment and vivid, long-lasting visual performance,² said Kyle Mooney, global product manager for GE Lighting. ³Unlike conventional light sources, LED lamps tend not to ‘fail’ suddenly. Rather, an LED’s efficiency can be measured by lumen maintenance, and GE’s LED lighting solutions meet industry standards for lumen ratings and energy efficiency.²

Delivering excellent light uniformity, the Immersion RH30 LED lighting uses ultra-efficient LED technology in a way that removes ³pinpricks² and ³hot spots² from food packages – putting the spotlight on merchandise and encouraging customers to reach in and buy. Its slimmer profile hides better behind the case, putting the focus on the food. Plus, grocers can position the adjustable LED lights to their desired angle, directing bright, crisp light straight at food packaging or the price tags. The Immersion RH30 LED lighting solution also produces 75-87 percent energy savings while reducing maintenance costs.

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