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GE Lighting Teams Up with RepFiles

GE Lighting is now delivering sales and marketing collateral to their sales reps and distributors through the RepFiles NEMRA and NAED Edition apps. Check out RepFiles for the five simple steps you need to take to begin accessing GE Lighting’s collateral on your mobile device, anytime/anywhere.

Designed specifically for manufacturers, their sales representatives and their distributors, the RepFiles system ensures users have the most up-to-date and complete package of sales and marketing tools available to them
24/7 on their mobile devices and PCs.

There is no cost for sales reps or distributors to access this collateral, which is available through Plugins on the RepFiles applications or through RepFiles PC. Once RepFiles users receive Plugin access, they can sync content to their device for offline use, allowing them to open files, play videos, send single or multiple files as email attachments and more. Any changes made to the downloaded files are reflected on all users’ devices after a single sync.

To begin accessing content, please follow the appropriate links below for a direct download to the app. Once installed, users should register for their own RepFiles account, sign-in to the app and request access to their manufacturers’ Plugins from the “Add New” screen.

Click here for a complete list of manufacturers delivering content through RepFiles.

RepFiles Application Direct Installation

NEMRA AppRepFiles NEMRA Edition App
NAED AppRepFiles NAED Edition App
Sales reps can download the RepFiles NEMRA Edition app from the following app stores:

Distributors can download the RepFiles NAED Edition app from the following app stores:


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