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GE Lighting and Lowe’s Announce Partnership

MOORESVILLE, N.C. — To further enhance the customer experience, Lowe’s Companies, Inc. and GE announced an expanded partnership to help customers easily find the right light bulb for their home while also saving energy and money.

As a part of this expanded partnership, Lowe’s will become the only nationwide home center to offer industry-leading GE light bulbs. Additionally, GE Lighting will become the only nationwide supplier to Lowe’s U.S. consumer retail outlets for light bulbs, including GE’s popular, proprietary light bulb line, reveal®.

“GE is trusted by both do-it-yourselfers and professional customers for producing some of the most energy efficient and longest-lasting light bulbs in the industry,” said Ann Haines, Lowe’s merchandising vice president for lighting. “We are thrilled to expand our partnership and make purchasing a light bulb easier than ever before.”

The new light bulb aisle at Lowe’s simplifies the customer selection process by clearly showcasing a wide range of options at various price points so customers can quickly compare and choose a bulb that best meets their needs. GE’s packaging will also be color coordinated to reflect color temperatures – warm yellow for soft white and cooler blue for daylight.

The new light bulb offering includes an expanded assortment of energy-efficient options, with more than half of the selection dedicated to LED solutions. A focal point of the LED category is GE’s best light—reveal® HD+ LED light bulbs, which not only help reduce monthly energy costs, but they also filter out dull, yellow light while simultaneously bringing out colors and patterns that pop.

“For years reveal has been a favorite with consumers, and we’ve continued to expand this offering, including adding many more LED options,” said Daraius Patell, GE Lighting’s North America consumer leader. “Having reveal in the Lowe’s lighting assortment adds to the depth of quality lighting options available to shoppers, allowing them to bring the best features of their homes to light and save energy at the same time.”

GE Lighting’s reveal HD+ LED bulbs are backed by a Lowe’s Love Your Light Guarantee where customers can return in-store or online purchases of them within 90 days for a full refund if they are not completely satisfied.

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