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FX Lighting Launches New Website and Customer Services

FX Lighting Launches New Website and Customer Services

Raleigh, NC—American industrial lighting solutions provider FX Lighting (formerly FintronX LED) is proud to announce the launch of its new corporate identity, website, and customer services based at

“In the last year we have reinvented who we are and where we focus as a company, so we have chosen a new name and brand to reflect that. We are excited to work with agencies and distributors as FX Lighting,” said CXO John Spencer.

FX Lighting is dedicated to providing patented, innovative, NSF-certified lighting solutions for food and beverage processing, manufacturing and distribution, and livestock farming. Their product families include the Nova™, Poseidon™, Ultra™, and Aurora™.

The company has assigned sales leaders for each region, and has embraced the channel by working with agencies and distribution partners and supporting them with a QuickShip program. The FX Lighting QuickShip program allows products to be shipped the same day when orders are placed before noon EST, making it one of the fastest shipping programs in the industry. The company also offers a 90-day Trial Program with QuickShip products.

With its new identity, FX Lighting maintains a commitment to outstanding service and doubles down on its promise to provide innovative lighting solutions for extreme industrial environments. Learn more about their durable lighting products at


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