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FSC Lighting Appoints New CEO

Vince Alonzi

FSC Lighting is pleased to announce that Vincent Alonzi has been appointed to the position of President and Chief Executive Officer, replacing former CEO John Watkins. Watkins will assume the position of Executive Vice President of Business Development.

Alonzi comes to FSC Lighting with a wealth of industry expertise and knowledge. With more than 25 years of experience, his ability to lead a team’s operational efforts will profoundly contribute to FSC Lighting’s continued growth and success.

Alonzi will focus largely on FSC’s goals to expand its offerings in the utility, retail, commercial, and industrial lighting solutions space.

Prior to joining FSC Lighting, Alonzi was a member of the leadership team at MaxLite. As a senior leader, he was instrumental in overseeing all sales and marketing activities and has demonstrated diverse operational experience. Prior to that role, he oversaw five divisions as Group President of Revolution Lighting Technologies. Additionally, Alonzi held executive leadership roles at Orion Energy Systems and senior leadership positions at Grainger Industrial Supply. Alonzi has a proven track record of assembling and developing high performing teams to drive sales and earnings growth.

“I’ve known Vince a long time and am very pleased to be able to welcome him on board to lead the FSC team. Vince is a very talented leader, and I am confident he will keep the company moving forward and create incredible value in the years ahead. I look forward to continuing to be an engaged Board Member and investor, while I transition to focusing my time and attention solely on new business development.” – John Watkins.

“I’m honored and excited to lead the FSC team and continue John’s hard work to successfully execute the Company’s short and long-term growth plans. We look to continually add value and products to our offering, making it easy for customers to want to do business with FSC.” – Vince Alonzi.

Marcus George, a partner of Onward Capital, said, “We greatly value and appreciate John’s leadership and his many contributions to FSC Lighting before and after our acquisition of the Company. We look forward to continuing to have access to his knowledge of the Company and the commercial and industrial lighting market as a Board member and equity investor. Vince brings two decades of proven leadership and value creation in the lighting industry. We are excited to partner with Vince and the FSC Lighting team as the Company continues to innovate across the commercial and industrial lighting market.”


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