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Fromm Announces New Partnership with Philips Lighting

READING, Pa. — Fromm, a full-service electrical distributor with eleven locations throughout Eastern Pennsylvania, is proud to announce it has entered into a strategic partnership with Philips Lighting for the supply of lamps, ballasts and LED drivers. Fromm was previously aligned with Sylvania for these products.

According to officials at Fromm, this decision was reached after two years of careful evaluation, and considered factors including Philips’ track record and continued commitment to innovation in product development.

CEO Michael Fromm said, “Our obligation to customers is to be responsive to evolving needs, trends and technology advancements in the industrial, commercial, and residential market segments that will forever change the configuration of lighting systems.” At the same time, Fromm added that since many facilities are still dependent on traditional lighting products, he is confident that Philips will continue to support these technologies.

Last May, Philips officially changed its name to Signify, but continues to sell products with Philips Lighting branding. The Signify website says it expects the name change to be completed in all countries in early 2019.

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