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Founder of Kalco Lighting Passes Away

Beloved industry member Harry Kallick, chairman of Varaluz, passed away April 15, 2022, at the age of 78. Harry was an involved member of the American Lighting Association (ALA) and a leader among the lighting industry.

Harry was born in Chicago, Ill., in 1943. His dad opened a cardboard box manufacturing factory in California when Harry was a teenager. Harry attended Grant High School in Van Nuys, where he would have graduated with distinction if spending time in pool halls counted. Harry briefly attended Los Angeles Valley College after. Harry was so good at pool that he eventually played with Willie Mosconi and earned the nickname “The Rock” as he could completely hide his emotions.

Harry’s early career was filled with a variety of endeavors that set him up for success later in life, from time spent in a meat packing factory stamping meat grades to a brief career promoting rock concerts for bands like the Eagles and Aerosmith.

Widely recognized as an icon in the decorative lighting industry, Harry and his late wife, Marcy Jo Kallick, founded Kalco Lighting in 1981 in Southern California, later selling the business. Kalco is known for having pioneered the coordination of lighting with accent furniture.

Harry was instrumental in the success of Varaluz and was still active in the company. He also started several businesses in his other home, the Philippines. He was involved in La Forge Designs, Inc., at the time of his passing.

An involved ALA member, Harry served as chair of the 2001 ALA Conference Committee and the 1995 Membership Campaign Committee. He was also a major supporter of the launching of the ALA Advertising and PR Program. Harry served on the Lighting Board of Governors for the Dallas Market Center for 10 years, including serving as vice chairman and chairman of the board for four years.

In recent years, Harry found great joy in life with Bonnie Klein, who was by his side at his passing. Harry did not have children, but he is survived by a huge number of friends and family. He has also financially sponsored many, many children through trade schools and college. Harry was a long-time supporter of St. Jude’s and the Nathan Adelson Hospice. In lieu of flowers, please consider donations to either organization.

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