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Energy Focus Wins 2021 Vision Award for UVC Surface Disinfection Robot

SOLON, Ohio—Energy Focus, Inc. (NASDAQ:EFOI), a leader in sustainable and human-centric lighting (“HCL”) technologies including its UV™ by Energy Focus series of UVC disinfection products, has been honored with a “2021 Vision Award” for the Company’s mUVe™ autonomous surface disinfection robot. The mUVe™ robot delivers chemical-free and rapid surface disinfection, destroying molds, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens with UVC light at the 254 nanometer wavelength, which has been proven highly effective in breaking the DNA and RNA bonds of pathogens, rendering them inactive and unable to replicate. Following the “Top Product of the Year” award from E+E for the Company’s Suncycle™ autonomous circadian lighting system, this is the second prestigious award Energy Focus has received this year for its technological innovations surrounding HCL.

The 2021 Vision Awards” honor innovation and excellence in products contributing to the efficient, profitable operations and management of institutional and commercial buildings in the United States. The mUVe™ robot received the award in the building maintenance category, having been evaluated by independent judges for its technological advancements, efficiency, productivity, cost savings and tenant satisfaction.

The mUVe™ robot incorporates patent-pending technology with an extremely powerful 475-watt UVC 254nm amalgam lamp. With 1-million-square-feet mapping capability, machine-vision-powered sensors and voice warning systems, mUVe™ can be operated easily and safely by a trained operator. It is designed to deliver 99.9%+ disinfection effectiveness against common pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and molds, within the range of 1 meter (or 3.3 feet). Moving at a speed of 18 inches per second, mUVe™ disinfects approximately 10,000 square feet of space within one hour without using noxious, time-consuming, and hit-or-miss chemicals.

“We are pleased and humbled to receive this timely technology award from a leading publication and voice for the facility management industry as we are planning to launch mUVe™ sales later this year,” said James Tu, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Energy Focus. “The mUVe™ robot was born out of the COVID-19 pandemic as part of our overall UVC disinfection product portfolio strategy to provide effective, comprehensive, and chemical-free disinfection solutions for spaces of all kinds. Given the advanced capabilities of mUVe™, we expect it will help facilities with heavy traffic, such as universities, hospitals, factories, warehouses, and hubs plus other uses such as transportation vehicles, to disinfect public spaces in a precise, cost effective, and energy efficient manner. The mUVeTM robot, provides a powerful, additional layer of safety measures to help prevent contagions in the post-pandemic world.”

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