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Eaton Creates Connected Lighting Website

Eaton Creates Connected Lighting Website

Eaton has announced the launch of a new website, dedicated to furthering its capabilities in the Internet of Things and connected lighting.

The website provides the portfolio of Eaton’s lighting products, including Distributed Low-Voltage Power, WaveLinx, Power over Ethernet, LumaWatt Pro, ConnectWorks, and Connected Home.  The website also breaks down the lighting capabilities for buildings, communities, and residential homes.

The website says, “Eaton’s portfolio of connected lighting solutions leverages the real-estate of the physical light fixture to increase building, business and community operating efficiency through controls and data. With connected lighting solutions, we go beyond controlling light to solve higher complexity problems enabled by sensing and communication capabilities within the light fixture itself.”

It also supplies a chart to help Eaton Lighting users find the correct system for a variety of applications.


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